Somewhat a Reminder of the Streamliner Era Equipment


Few people will confuse or equate an Amtrak Amfleet car with the equipment that was built during the streamliner era of American passenger trains.

Amfleet cars and what Amtrak described as its Heritage Fleet were built to different designs. But how does other Amtrak rolling stock compare?

When I ran across this photograph of the rear of a Horizon Fleet car on Amtrak’s Illini departing from the station at Mattoon, Illinois, I began comparing it with a streamliner era car.

I’ve seen many images over the year of a streamliner era passenger car as the last car on a departing train. Like the Horizon fleet, the streamliner era equipment had a boxy design with a rounded roof.

The diaphragm around the doorway that enabled passengers and crew members to move from one car to another are similar. Many trains in the streamliner era had a tail hose just as this Amtrak train does.

I’ve also seen rear markers lights on streamliner equipment similar to those on this Horizon car.

Streamliner equipment often had a folding gate that could be put into place if a car was the last one on the train. I don’t see that on this Horizon car.

In short there are differences, but enough similarities to remind me of passenger equipment from another era.


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