An F40PH Triple Play in Naperville


During the F40PH era I often would see two of those units working together to get an Amtrak train over the road.

But I only saw an Amtrak F40 triple header once. That occurred on September 1, 1996, in Naperville, Illinois, on the famed Burlington raceway.

This brace of F40s is leading train No. 5, the westbound California Zephyr.

I’ve seen photographs of Nos. 5 and 6 with three F40s, which I presume was the practice to help the train get through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Naperville is a station stop for the California Zephyr, the first after leaving Chicago Union Station.


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One Response to “An F40PH Triple Play in Naperville”

  1. Gordon Bower Says:

    Can confirm that a 3rd F40 east of Salt Lake City was a normal practice in the early 90s.

    When I rode in 1990, the Desert Wind’s dining car (and 2nd coach? I can’t remember) ran through to Chicago, in addition to the usual through coach and sleeper, and the DW’s F40 became the lead engine west of Salt Lake. The Pioneer’s engine, dining car, and 2nd coach continued to lay over in Salt Lake, with only 1 coach and 1 sleeper continuing east.

    I *think* that when the Pioneer started operating through Wyoming, that changed, with the Pioneer providing the 3rd unit (and only 2 units between SLC and Denver), but can’t swear to it.

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