Johnstown Amtrak Station Being Renovated

Work is underway to rehabilitate the Amtrak station in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Amtrak 4The century-old depot renovation was halted for a short time when workers discovered that the roof had more structural defects than was originally thought and thus required more masonry work and patching.

“That project grew into a fairly significant undertaking,” said Richard Burkert, president of Johnstown Area Heritage Association, which is sponsoring the repairs with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The additional work will mean the depot renovation will now cost more than $500,000. Burkert said the contractor hopes to finish the roof work, before winter.

He said that without the repairs, “that station was slipping to the point where it would be prohibitively expensive to repair.”

Some interior work being undertaken will make the facility compliant with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The depot project work also includes a newly paved parking lot, new sidewalks, regrading the entire concourse with new marble, ramp upgrades and making other modifications.

Burkert said that officials want to make the station into a transportation center that serves local bus services and is linked to bike trails.

“Our hope is to totally revitalize the station and add a variety of uses in there and make it a hub of central Johnstown,” he said. The depot waiting room might become a visitors’ center.

Johnstown is served by the New York-Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian.


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