Work Progressing on New Pa. Amtrak Stations

Plans for a new Amtrak station in Middletown, Pennsylvania, remain active, but officials are cautioning that it will be a while before construction begins.

penndotAmtrak recently broke ground for a new station in nearby Mount Joy.

Before work on building the Middletown station can begin Amtrak needs to relocate some tracks.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said that work is tentatively set to get underway in mid 2017 depending on the availability of Amtrak and Norfolk Southern track workers.

PennDOT spokesman Rich Kirkpatrick said his agency is working with Amtrak to relocate a signal box in conjunction with the planned Middletown station, which is slated to be built between the Westporte Centre shopping center and the Ann Street bridge.

Kirkpatrick said the signal box must be moved before the track relocation work can be done.

Proposals to build a pedestrian bridge across West Main Street and a possible parking garage are due in December with contracts likely to be awarded in late 2017 or early 2018.

The groundbreaking for the Mount Joy station occurred on Oct. 26. The $25 million station is expected to take two to three years to complete.

High-level platforms with canopies will replace the current low-level platforms. There will also be elevators, an enclosed stair tower and a pedestrian overpass between the east and westbound platforms. In addition, 42 parking spaces are being added and 112 existing spaces are being improved.

Mount Joy and Middletown are on Amtrak’s Keystone Corridor. Amtrak stations in Elizabethtown and Lancaster were renovated earlier with the Coatesville station expected to be improved.

Lancaster and Elizabethtown are also served by the New York-Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian.


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