Maysville Depot Renovation Delayed Until Spring

A $500,000 project to renovate the Amtrak station in Maysville, Kentucky, has been delayed until next spring.

Amtrak 4Maysville City Manager Matt Wallingford attributed the delay to Amtrak, adding that the city is disappointed because it had expected the work to be completed by the end of 2016.

Among the improvements that will be made to the station are creating an accessible path of travel from the public right of way to the station; creating ADA-compliant parking spaces with painted striping, signage and bollards; replacement of the walkway serving the second track; installing a new station-based manual lift enclosure; construction of ADA-compliant entrances to building and a new ADA-compliant restroom; and installing platform city identifier signs and ADA-required signage for station and parking.

The city plans to do tuck pointing of the depot exterior, inspecting the roof to ensure that it is in good repair and making cosmetic improvements to the station’s interior and exterior. Wallingford said the scope of the city’s work is dependent on Amtrak’s contribution.

Maysville received last March an $800,000 Transportation Alternative Program grant from the federal government to make improvements to sidewalks and landscaping in the city’s West End, in the area of the depot. The work is part of a Safe Routes to School program.

Wallingford said the city may wait to complete its share of the depot work although that work might begin this year if Amtrak makes its plans available to the city.

Maysville is served by Amtrak’s Chicago-New York Cardinal.

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