Trial Reroute of LSL via Michigan Delayed

A proposed trial rerouting of the Lake Shore Limited via Michigan has been postponed.

Amtrak Lake Shore LimitedAmtrak had considered rerouting the Chicago-New York train between Oct. 1-31, but did not do so because track and signal work on the route has not been completed.

That $600 million work is being undertaken on the Chicago-Detroit (Pontiac) route used by Wolverine Service trains.

The work on tracks owned by the state of Michigan will eventually allow a maximum speed of 110 mph on state- and Amtrak-owned track.

The reroute was being promoted by the Michigan Department of Transportation and Amtrak was interested in seeing how well Michigan-East Coast ridership would perform.

If the Lake Shore Limited is reroute via Michigan, it would serve most Wolverine Service stations between Dearborn and Niles, Michigan.

The reroute also would have tested how well a train would perform operationally between Toledo and Dearborn.


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One Response to “Trial Reroute of LSL via Michigan Delayed”

  1. Philly Amtrak Fan Says:

    Hopefully the long term goal is a third Chicago-East Coast daily train that gives Michigan a direct train to the NEC and Pennsylvania a direct train to Chicago:

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