Late in the Broadway Limited Era at Pittsburgh

Amtrak BL in ittsburgh September 4, 1995-x

It is Sept. 4, 1995. Five days from now, Amtrak’s Chicago-New York Broadway Limited will begin its final trips as it is discontinued in a massive route restructuring that was implemented that year.

The damage could have been even more. At one point Amtrak proposed eliminating the Hiawatha Service between Chicago and Milwaukee and ending service between Detroit and Pontiac, Michigan, among other cuts.

A friend and I had decided to ride No. 40 from Youngstown to Pittsburgh. We’ve just gotten off the train at Penn Station and moved to the head end to get some photographs.

The F40PH is still the primary road engine being used by Amtrak and Heritage Fleet equipment is still commonplace on eastern long-distance trains.

The engineer who will take No. 40 east of Pittsburgh is going to work and a Conrail locomotive is partly visible at right awaiting its next task.

It looks like just another day on the railroad and in many ways it is. But it is also short time for Nos. 40 and 41.

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2 Responses to “Late in the Broadway Limited Era at Pittsburgh”

  1. Philly Amtrak Fan Says:

    My first long distance overnight experience on Amtrak was the Broadway. It’s a complete shame that it’s gone now. From Philly the only direct train is a worthless train that takes 27 hours to go a trip that probably should take 6-7 hours less and is longer than traveling to New York to catch the Lake Shore Limited or Washington and Pittsburgh to catch the Capitol Limited. And passengers in Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Altoona have to transfer to the Capitol in Pittsburgh where they have to wait almost 4 hrs until almost midnight going westbound and have to leave the CL shortly after 5am going eastbound (and Pittsburgh’s station is awful) At least after the BL ended we had the Three Rivers for a while (and even when passengers still had to transfer in Pittsburgh at least the train functioned as a second train between Pittsburgh and Philly/New York which doesn’t exist now. Plus now there’s only one daily train between Chicago and New York and it sells out quickly so fares are much higher.

    I read somewhere that in 1991 the Broadway Limited had higher ridership than both the Capitol Limited and the Cardinal yet it was the one axed? In 2005 the Three Rivers was ridership was lower than the CL but still higher than the Cardinal. The Cardinal is a longer Capitol Limited/Lake Shore Limited and the only two major markets outside Chicago and the Northeast that it serves are Cincinnati where it stops in the middle of the night and Indianapolis where the times aren’t much better. In 1981, Amtrak did cancel the train but Sen. Byrd of West Virginia demanded it be reinstated even though almost no one rides it. If the Cardinal was canceled like it should’ve been the Broadway/Three Rivers probably is still running today. I’d cancel the Cardinal (Byrd Crap) and bring back the Broadway in a second if I could (instead of running it on the old route run it through Michigan, Toledo, and Cleveland so Michigan can have a direct train to the East Coast.

  2. Philly Amtrak Fan Says:

    Could we have a page for the Broadway Limited like you have for the Three Rivers and other discontinued trains?

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