Texas Eagle Detour to Miss 2 Texas Stations

Due to Union Pacific track work, the Texas Eagle will detour between Texarkana and Mineola, Texas, between May 10 and 25.

Passengers bound for Marshall and Longview, Texas, will instead be taken by bus to and from those stations.

Amtrak Texas EagleThe detour will also affect a Thruway bus that connects with the Eagle and serves Shreveport, Louisiana.

Amtrak said the Shreveport Thruway bus will be adjusted to serve Marshall and Longview.

Passengers boarding at Shreveport, Marshall and Longview will board Thruway bus 6421 to Mineola, where they will board Train 21/421, serving all remaining stations on the route.

Passengers on trains 21/421 who are traveling to Marshall and Longview will detrain at Mineola, and board a bus to their destination.

Those aboard Nos. 21/421 who are scheduled to detrain in Longview and board Thruway bus 6121 to Shreveport, will instead detrain at Mineola and board the bus to Shreveport.

During this period, Thruway bus 6021 will originate at Mineola, instead of Longview. Passengers scheduled to connect with the Amtrak Thruway bus at Longview will detrain at Mineola, where they will board Bus 6021, making all remaining stops on the route.

Amtrak personnel will be available at Mineola to assist passengers.


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