Roll Your Bike Onto a Hiawatha Service Train

Amtrak will allow bicyclists to roll their bikes onto a Hiawatha Service train, thus ending the need to disassemble a bike and place it in a box.

The bikes must be stored in one of 15 bike racks located in the control of the train and passengers must pay a $5 fee.

Hiawatha trains operate between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Hiawatha 2To reserve space for a bike, a passenger should select “add bike” when booking travel at, by calling 800-USA-RAIL, using the staffed ticket offices in Milwaukee or Chicago or by using the Quik-TrakSM kiosks at both stations.

In a news release, Amtrak said it developed the bike program in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, which helps fund the service.

A past requirement of each passenger having to partially disassemble a bike and ship it in a carton is now optional, instead of mandatory.

“This will make bringing your bike along on these trips more welcoming and get you on your wheels and pedaling away immediately after arrival,” said Jim Brzezinski, Amtrak senior regional director, state corridors.

The Hiawatha Service carried nearly 800,000 passengers last year aboard its seven daily roundtrips that operate Monday through Saturday and six roundtrips on Sunday.

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  1. Ahhhomeschool Says:

    What a fabulous offer!

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