Arcadia Valley Breaks Ground to Construct Platform to be Used as New Texas Eagle Stop

A ground breaking ceremony was recently held for a new Amtrak stop to serve Arcadia Valley, Missouri, which is located on the route of the Chicago-San Antonio Texas Eagle.

Officials said the Eagle might be stopping in Arcadia as soon as the end of the summer.

Amtrak Texas EagleThe city’s former Missouri Pacific station is now used by the chamber of commerce and is expected to be used by Amtrak.

But first a platform needs to be built and the ground breaking event marked the state of that work. The ceremony was attended by a crown of about 100.

“It’s taken a long time,” said Arcadia Mayor Roy Carr. “I didn’t think when they started this that it would ever materialize, but I believe it will now.”

Also speaking at the ceremony was Marc Magliari, an Amtrak manager of media relations.

“As America’s railroad we connect the small and large together,” he said. “We have more than 30 million passengers every year riding Amtrak trains. This train — the Texas Eagle — will take you without a change of seats all the way to San Antonio and then four days a week all the way to Los Angeles. Going the other way, of course, we go to St. Louis and there you can make connections or stay on the Texas Eagle and go on to Chicago every day.”

Magliari recalled being contacted by Carol Kelsheimer of Our Town Tomorrow about the Arcadia Valley project.

“Of the 20,000 or so Amtrak employees only about 10 of us have phone numbers people can find on the Internet,” he said. “A few years ago my phone rang and on the other end of that was Carol. Carol says, ‘We want a stop in the Arcadia Valley.’

“Now, I get calls like this every so often and there are people who have been working to get a stop for a very long time who have yet to have a groundbreaking, but because of Carol, your elected officials and our partners with the Missouri Department of Transportation — a little bit because of that settlement from Ameren — we are here today.”

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