Track Work Disrupts Some Lincoln Service Trains

Track work being performed by Union Pacific between May 2 and 5 will disrupt Amtrak’s Lincoln Service and Texas Eagle trains in Illinois with some passengers having to completion a portion of their trip aboard a bus.

Amtrak Texas EagleIn a service advisory Amtrak said trains 301 and 303 will operate normally from Chicago to Springfield, but passengers will ride a bus between Springfield and St. Louis.

The bus schedules will be identical to those of the trains they are replacing and stop at intermediate stations in Illinois at Carlinville and Alton.

Bus service will be provided from St. Louis to Springfield for trains 304 and 306 and passengers continuing north of Springfield will ride a train.

Amtrak said the buses will operate 75 minutes earlier than the corresponding times for Nos. 304 and 306 and serve all intermediate stations.

The Texas Eagle in both directions will depart all stations on its route two hours and 45 minutes later than the times shown in Amtrak’s printed timetables.

Train 21/321 departing Chicago on May 2, 3 and 4 will arrive in San Antonio on May 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

Train 1021 departing Chicago on May 5 will arrive in San Antonio on May 6. No. 421 departing Chicago on May 3 will arrive in Los Angeles on May 5.

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