Waterloo Station to be Moved March 30

A former New York Central passenger station in Waterloo, Indiana, will be moved next week as the next step toward opening the station for use by Amtrak passengers.

The 132-year-old station will be moved on March 30 two blocks closer to the current Amtrak boarding area on the Chicago Line of Norfolk Southern.

Amtrak 4The remaining work to get the depot ready for use by Amtrak is expected to be completed by June.

Although Waterloo is a town of just 2,242, it has the third highest ridership in Indiana. In 2014 it served more than 22,000 passengers.

Amtrak began stopping in Waterloo in 1990 after it ceased serving Fort Wayne.

Workers have been building a foundation at the station’s new location and removed trees to facilitate the move.

Waterloo received a U.S. Department of Transportation grant to pay for the $1.82 million project, which will include a new parking lot, sidewalks, street lighting, landscaping, roadway resurfacing and curbs.

A Passenger Information Display System will inform Amtrak passengers about train arrival times and provide free Wi-Fi.

Currently, passengers in Waterloo use a bus stop type shelter.

Aside from serving Amtrak, the depot will be available for town meetings and community events.

Waterloo is served by the Chicago-Washington Capitol Limited and the Chicago-New York Lake Shore Limited.

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