Amtrak Modifies Guest Rewards Program

Amtrak earlier this month revamped its frequent traveler program by modifying its traditional three-zone approach to redeeming points.

Amtrak logoReward travel will now be redeemed based on the cost of a trip at the time of booking.

Amtrak has created an online calculator to use to determine how many points are needed for a particular trip.

Under the old system, which had been in effect for 15 years, reward travel was redeemed based on the number of zones through travel was occurring.

That system encouraged travelers to redeem points for the most expensive trip within a single zone.

Passengers who cancel reward travel trips will also be subject to a 10 percent point redemption penalty if the cancellation occurs more than two weeks before the date of travel and a 20 percent penalty if canceled less than two weeks before the date of travel.

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