Amtrak Touting Its Sustainability Practices

Amtrak is touting its commitment to environmentally sustainable operations and practices, pointing to, in particular, its use of Siemens ACS-64 locomotives on the Northeast Corridor.

The passenger carrier said that the advanced-technology electric locomotives will save the cost of about 3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the coming decade

Amtrak logoDesigned for easier maintenance Amtrak said the locomotives will maximize energy efficiency by using a regenerative braking system that will feed energy back into the power grid.

Amtrak also said that it is incorporating sustainability practices throughout its network on all trains.

One way it has done that is to provide business and first class passengers with WiFi access to digital newspapers in the Northeast Corridor and on select eastern routes. This saves 103,740 paper copies annually, Amtrak said.

“At Amtrak, our mission is inherently focused on sustainability. We’re proud of our work to provide reliable, energy-efficient transportation, draw more customers to rail, and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of the traveling public,” said Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman. “We are committed to being a good steward of our resources and having a positive impact in the communities we serve.”

Amtrak recently signed the International Union of Railways Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge in which it committed to reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, stimulating modal shift to rail in national and international markets, actively communicating climate-friendly initiatives, and publicly reporting data on energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.



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