Waterloo Amtrak Station Work About to Begin

Waterloo, Indiana, officials say that construction of a new Amtrak station is expected to begin soon with the station opening as early as May.

The new station will actually be the former New York Central depot that was built in the 1800s by predecessor railroad Lake Shore & Michigan Southern.

Plans are to move the depot two blocks from its current location.

Waterloo Town Manager Tena Woenker said the next step will be to choose a contractor who could lay a concrete pad on which the former NYC depot will be placed

“If things go quickly as we hope we’ll be putting up a foundation in the middle of the winter, we’ll be moving the depot by March, we’ll be building the parking lots by April and we’ll be open by May,” Woenker said.

The new Waterloo station has been 10 years in the making. The $1.6 million project got a boost from a U.S. Department of Transportation grant.

Although Waterloo is a town of 2,242, it had the third highest ridership in 2014 at 22,000 among Indiana Amtrak stations due to its proximity to Fort Wayne.

Amtrak’s Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited both stop in Waterloo. Currently, passengers must use a bus stop shelter facility that has limited parking.

“Right now there’s no restroom for the Amtrak passengers, no warm waiting area, the parking lot is not well-lit or well-marked and when we get done all of those things will get fixed,” Woenker said.

“It will be a nice waiting area. We hope to have it staffed so there will always be someone to ask questions to and feel safe.”

City officials are talking about making the former NYC depot into a museum and community center as well as a train station. They’re moving its charm with it too.

“We have original benches and an original desk from back in the 1800s, so we’re excited to make that even more special,” Woenker said.


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