CONO Bus Bridge Ends

The City of New Orleans has resumed running the length of its route between Chicago and New Orleans.

Trains that departed Chicago and New Orleans on Wednesday continued over the segment between Memphis and Carbondale, Illinois, that had been embargoed by host railroad Canadian National due to flooding near Cairo, Illinois.

Passengers had been relegated to disembarking at Memphis or Carbondale and boarding chartered buses that whisked them between the two cities.

Service between Chicago and Carbondale by Amtrak’s Illini and Saluki was not affected by the flooding.


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6 Responses to “CONO Bus Bridge Ends”

  1. alaskanjackal Says:

    Any news on the Texas Eagle’s bus bridge?

    We just arrived (east/northbound) in San Antonio and are really hoping we can sleep through the night tonight and not have to ride a bus. It was supposed to end yesterday, but has had zero information about this bus bridge, and it’s too early to ask anyone here.

  2. alaskanjackal Says:

    Any news on the Texas Eagle’s bus bridge?

    • csanders429 Says:

      I have not seen any reports about the Texas Eagle. You raise a valid point that Amtrak has said nothing on its website about the bus bridges of the Eagle and City of New Orleans. I looked but found nothing. You would think that it would be listed under “service disruptions,” but apparently Amtrak believes that so long as passengers are still getting from Point A to Point B even if there is a bus ride in between then there hasn’t been a “service disruption.”

      • alaskanjackal Says:

        Yeah, that’s what I thought was odd–especially as on 1/3 I got both a phone call and an email advising me that we had been rebooked on alternate transportation, although when I called, they said that the bus bridge was scheduled to end the day before we passed through and so we weren’t affected. Nothing ever showed up on for any dates, though.

        Just departed San Antonio. Crossing fingers! An overnight bus bridge would be a big downgrade from a sleeper.

  3. alaskanjackal Says:

    No word from the conductors today at all. Word from the sleeping car attendant is that the train is being annulled tonight in Little Rock and the first train through will be the one two days from now. Word from Amtrak (via Twitter and via a call) is that tomorrow’s will be the first one through. I tweeted at Amtrak why they haven’t been listing this on the Service Disruptions web page and got no response. Oh well…

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