Texas Eagle Gets New Dallas-Fort Worth Route

The Texas Eagle has a new route between Dallas and Fort Worth.

The Chicago-San Antonio train now uses former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific tracks used by Trinity Rail Express commuter trains.

The new route “avoids the freight train operations that were challenging our trains every day on the previous routing,” said Mark Murphy, Amtrak senior vice president and general manager of the business line that includes the Eagle. “This route simplifies our movements through the Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center and will improve reliability for more than 100,000 Amtrak passengers who use our Fort Worth gateway every year.”

Amtrak said no current stations are being bypassed on the new routing. The former route of Nos. 21 and 22 used Union Pacific tracks.

It took five years of negotiations and $7.2 million dollars in federal funding to bring the new route to fruition. Much of the delay was due to contract issues, primarily regarding liability insurance.

Funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that was granted in 2009 was used to double-track a portion of the route in Tarrant County.

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit board in December 2014 approved the agreement to allow the Eagle to TRE tracks.

Amtrak will pay a monthly fee to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority.
The tracks used by TRE were purchased in 1983 by the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth for $34 million from a Rock Island trustee.


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