Amtrak Kicks Off New Branding Campaign

Amtrak has launched a new nationwide brand campaign titled “500 Destinations: Infinite Stories.”

The passenger carrier said the campaign was inspired by passengers’ travel experiences and is seeking to create top-of-mind awareness while showcasing the comfort, freedom, service and value of train travel.

“The storytelling at the heart of the campaign focuses on the unique experiences and adventures only rail travel can provide,” Amtrak said in a news release. “Whether it’s a trip to college, a business trip with colleagues, a girls’ weekend, or a dream vacation across the country, Amtrak takes you there.”

Amtrak said it is playing up rail travel as a smarter way to travel because it offers passengers the opportunity to relax and stretch out, move about freely and work or play.

“Amtrak’s new campaign speaks to the uniquely enjoyable experience of rail travel,” said Darlene Abubakar, Amtrak acting vice president brand management and marketing. “We are reinvigorating the Amtrak brand by celebrating thousands of travel experiences while simultaneously reinforcing what longtime Amtrak loyalists love about America’s Railroad: comfort, convenience and a commitment to excellent customer service.”

The campaign will provide messages across a variety of media platforms, including TV, print, digital and social media.

Amtrak created the campaign in coordination with its advertising agency, FCB Garfinkel of New York.

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