Cleveland Browns Take Chartered Amtrak Train

Numerous reports on reported that the Cleveland Browns chartered an Amtrak train that took the team from Cleveland to Rochester, New York.

Equipment for the train was brought to Cleveland by the eastbound Lake Shore Limited and included two P42DC locomotives (Nos. 192 and 26) and seven Amfleet cars.

Team members were brought to the Amtrak station by bus after a morning practice session.

Although no one reported what time that the train departed, it was said to have arrived in Rochester at 5:15 p.m.

The Browns will be conducting scrimmages this week against the Buffalo Bills. They will host the Bills in a pre-season game on Thursday in Cleveland at First Energy Stadium, which is adjacent to the Amtrak station.

During his daily press conference on Saturday, Browns Coach Mike Pettine was asked why the team was traveling by train to Rochester.

“You need to talk to Simon (Gelan), my assistant, on that one. He handles all team travel. I just think from a – I’m not sure whether our plane was too big to go into Rochester and we’d have to fly into Buffalo then bus another hour and a half up to — I’ve taken the train before having been in Baltimore and been in New York, going down the I-95 quarter on the train. To me, it’s the best way to go. It’s an airplane minus being way above the ground (laughter) and having people search your bags.”

Pettine was asked if going by train was an exercise in team bonding. He dined that but said riding the rails was better than a bus [because] you can relax. Coaches can get a lot of work done. We’ll load tomorrows practice on to our tablets and be able to work on the train. It’s just much more relaxed way to travel.”

It is not known publicly yet if the team will return to Cleveland by rail or plane.

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