18 New Viewliner Baggage Cars Released

Amtrak is shipping 18 new Viewliner baggage cars from the CAF USA plant near Elmira, N.Y., to Amtrak’s Hialeah maintenance facility near Miami.

At Hialeah, the cars will undergo a final inspections before acceptance and placement in revenue service in early 2015.

The baggage cars are being conveyed in a special train that left Elmira on Wednesday and is expected to reach Hialeah on Friday.

The train is moving via Albany, N.Y. and thence over the Northeast Corridor to Washington, D.C.

Two Viewliner baggage cars that have been tested on the NEC will be added to the special at Philadelphia.

The baggage cars are part of a larger order for 130 single-level, long-distance passenger cars, including diner, sleeper, and baggage-dorm cars.

Amtrak is encouraging media and rail enthusiasts to take photos of the special as it travels. Photographers are asked to tag the images with the hashtag #AmtrakForward and share them on Amtrak’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.



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