Capitol Limited Gets Diner-Lounge

If the Capitol Limited looks a little shorter these days, it is. Through Nov. 18 on Train No. 30 and through No. 20 on Train No. 29, the Capitol will have just one food service car, a combined diner-lounge.

Previously, the standard consist of Nos. 29 and 30 included a dining car and Sightseer lounge.

But Amtrak recently scraped together an extra equipment set for the Capitol as a hedge against late arrivals in Chicago by No. 29 that resulted in No. 30 departing late as well.

That was because the equipment that terminated in Chicago on No. 29 made a same day turn there to become that day’s departing No. 30.

Amtrak said that half of the diner-lounge will be devoted to full-service dining while the other half will be used as a lounge.

An Amtrak news release suggested that the meals available in the full-service dining section of the car will be the same as those available in a regular diner.

The news release cited “extreme freight train interference on the Norfolk Southern Railway in Ohio and Indiana” as prompting the equipment shuffling.

“Delays caused by freight train congestion leaves insufficient time to service trains at the end points for their return trip,” Amtrak said in the news release.

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