Work Underway to Build Moline Amtrak Station

Although Amtrak service is a good two years away, work is going ahead on establishing a station in Moline, Ill., a city that has never had Amtrak service.

The depot will be housed in a vacant warehouse on 4th Avenue and 12th Street. Workers recently began stripping lead paint and prepping the soon-to-be train station for construction. City officials expect to have the station open in late 2015, before the train service begins in 2016.

“Things are going slow, but progress is being made,” said City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher.

Although the station is still being designed, the complex will include a new 85-unit hotel, restaurant and retail businesses.

“This is also being designed as multi-modal station because you do have direct connection to the bus service, directly tracks at the Metrolink facility,” Steinbrecher said.”There will be service directly out to the airport from here.”

Steinbrecher said it’ll also connect pedestrian and bike paths to the riverfront trail. The project will more than $20 million with half being provided by federal funding, $5 million from state funding and $1 million from the city.

“This really helps define the Quad Cities, not just Moline but the entire Quad Cities really as a suburb of Chicago, if you will,” Steinbrecher said.

The Bi-State Regional Commission has been eying Chicago-Quad Cities rail service for more than a decade.

“This one will go from Quad Cities to Geneseo, to an area where they will have to build new track called Wyanet and then connect into the Chicago area,” said Gena McCullough planning director of the Bi-State Regional Commission. The route will be 162 miles.

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