Talgo Saying Goodbye to Milwaukee

The messy divorce between Talgo and the state of Wisconsin is just about official now that Talgo plans to move two unused trainsets it built for the state out of Milwaukee and terminate its lease at a city-owned manufacturing plant.

Talgo, a Spanish manufacturer, had been using the facility at Century City in Milwaukee to store two trains it built under a contract with the state of Wisconsin.

Those trains are the subject of a state claim and a lawsuit Talgo filed in Dane County Circuit Court to resolve whether it, or the state, owns them.

The Wisconsin Claims Board on Wednesday will consider Talgo’s $65.9 million breach of contrct claim against the state.

Talgo expects to ends its lease with the City of Milwaukee later this month or in June.

“They are wrapping up in the coming weeks,” said Milwaukee Department of City Development spokesman Jeff Fleming. “It also appears imminent that the trains will be leaving.”

Four years ago, the future of Talgo in Milwaukee looked bright. The company and city reached a pact in to locate U.S. manufacturing operations in Milwaukee.

The city renovated a vacant industrial building on North 27th Street and sought to recover those expenses through a long-term lease with Talgo.

Talgo built two trains for Wisconsin and two for Oregon in the facility. But work ended after Wisconsin canceled its order for two trains to run on a never-built high-speed rail service between Milwaukee and Madison.

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