Oklahoma City Buying ex-Santa Fe Station

The station serving the Heartland Flyer in Oklahoma City is on its way to becoming an intermodal terminal after the city acquired the depot in $4.5 million deal.

The station, once owned by the Santa Fe Railway, will be renovated during  a $28.3 million project that will enable it to serve buses, a new streetcar line and trains. There has been discussion about launching a regional rail hub at the station.

The city had sought to acquire the depot through the use of eminent domain, after the city was unable to reach a pact with the owner, Brewer Entrainment.

The city initially offered $2.5 million for the building, but Brewer asked for $23.5 million.

Court-appointed commissioners agreed in September to set a sales price of $4.5 million, which the city council agreed to pay.

Attorneys for Brewer objected, claiming the city had failed to show that it intended to use the station to facilitate “intermodal transportation,” which was defined as “the movement of people involving more than one mode of transportation during a single, seamless journey.”

Brewer dropped its objections last week while reserving the right to seek a jury trial to seek further damages.

Oklahoma City city received a $13.5 million federal grant last fall that combined with $14.8 million in local funding will be used to renovate the depot.
Santa Fe built the depot in 1934 in the Art Deco style. Its interior features details based on Native American motiffs.

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