Viewliner Prototype Sleeper Going Into Storage

Amtrak’s first prototype Viewliner sleeper was hooked onto the back of the westbound Cardinal on Friday morning en route to the Beech Grove shops in Indianapolis.

Trains magazine reported that No. 2300 will be going into storage and thus faces an uncertain future.

The car’s interior has been gutted and its windows are cloudy and scratched. Its trucks have chipped paint and rust patches all over them.

No. 2300, fellow Viewliner sleeper No. 2301 and Viewliner diner No. 8400 were built from what proved to be the last passenger car shells manufactured by the Budd Company before it got out of the passenger car business in 1987.

Amtrak developed the shells into passenger cars at Beech Grove before placing them into service. The cars were the model for 50 production Viewliner sleepers that entered revenue service in 1996 on eastern long-distance trains.

Viewliner sleepers still operate on the Cardinal, Lake Shore Limited, Crescent, Silver Star and Silver Meteor.

Amtrak has on order 130 Viewliner II cars that are being built at Elmira, N.Y., by CAF. These cars will feature the basic exterior structural design and original room layout of the Viewliner prototypes.

The Viewliner II order includes sleepers, diners, baggage, and baggage dormitory cars, but no coaches.

Although the original prototype Viewliner sleepers were only used to for mock up designs, diner No. 8400 returned to service in 2011 after economic stimulus funds helped facilitate a complete makeover. No. 8400 was also named Indianapolis.

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2 Responses to “Viewliner Prototype Sleeper Going Into Storage”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I was wondering where the Viewliner 2300 has been stored until now.

  2. Colleen Says:

    From what I can gather on the net, it appears this is the one that has been stored at Wilmington.

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