See Something? Now You Can Text Amtrak Police

If you’ve ridden Amtrak in recent years, you are probably familiar with its mantra of “see something, say something.” The Amtrak police department recently began accepting text messages from those who wish to report. suspicious activity, crimes or emergencies

The “APD11 Txt-a-Tip,”  program will connect to the Amtrak police department’s National Communications Center via SMS text messaging.

“Contacting the Amtrak police department by text is another tactic in our multi-layered approach to protecting America’s Railroad,” said Police Chief Polly Hanson in a news release. “Our passengers and frontline employees provide an extra line of defense by being an additional set of eyes and ears while in or around our stations, trains, facilities or right-of-way, and now they can report crime or suspicious activity in a convenient and discreet method, by text message.”

“Txt-a-Tip” will follow similar response procedures that are in place when a report is called into the Amtrak police 800 number. Passengers can make reports by sending a text to APD11 from a smartphone or to 27311 from a standard cell phone.

When Amtrak police receive a text the sender will receive a message acknowledging the report, and will then be connected to a live Amtrak Police communications officer who will correspond directly via text message to learn more about the situation and determine the appropriate action.

Amtrak said the initiative is an effort to provide additional communication options for passengers and employees who are deaf or may have hearing loss, allowing easy and efficient communication of emergency information to the police department.

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