Amtrak Website Gets New Look

Passengers booking a trip at the Amtrak website will find a new look and be able to choose which fare level they wish to purchase.

Fare options are now divided into the following “Fare Families,” and you may select any available fare. In the past, passengers could book only the lowest available fare.

Saver: Deeply discounted, non-refundable coach fare available 14 days or more in advance on certain routes (primarily Northeast Regional).

Value: Best available coach or Acela Business Class in all markets (refundable minus a 10% fee) or Unreserved coach fare (non-refundable).

Flexible: Fully refundable coach.

Premium: Shows total rail fare plus accommodation charge for sleeper, Business Class and Acela First Class. You can use the “change” arrow buttons to toggle between different accommodation types, but it will default to the lowest available Premium fare (even in the sometimes-experienced cases where a Bedroom is going for less than a Roomette). Non-Acela Business Class and Acela First Class are fully refundable prior to departure; sleepers are refundable minus a 10% fee up to 15 days prior to departure and not refundable afterwards.

The website explains the terms and conditions of each Fare Family. 

Amtrak did not make any changes to telephone, at station, QuikTrak or mobile app booking.

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